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Welcome to motivationalnepal, a unique site about tits and bits of everything that life hits you.

Love, hate, greed, loyalty, inspirations, thoughts, anxiety, depression, etc are some of the topics covered within. Please do remember all of the articles within are of pure self-thoughts and experiences, actual reference can be taken from the professionals.

खुकुरी or खुकुरि

It is a Age told debate what came first: Was it chicken or was it egg, is it खुकुरी or खुकुरि well I am not a curator or anthropologist (मानवशास्त्री), and I will leave the people to decide as there are many things in this world to talk about. Around 3 years ago we had...

Dr Tushar Nikalje an Indian who inspired many.

Dr. Tushar Nikalje from India – Journey from Clerk to World Record Holder Do you believe that a Clerk can be a World Record Holder? Dr Tushar Nikalje from India is the answer to this question. He is an inspiration to many. We are sharing his milestones achieved during this journey. Working as a Clerk...

Quality of life Index by country (2021-mid)

Numbeo Originally Numbeo was a website that used to collect the data from the user to get to know the cost of living and the comparison between the countries and cities. Founded in 2009, then from 2011, Numbeo started to collect other data from the users such as pollution, healthcare, and crime to name a...


Stress….in a simple form is very subjective and a personal effect. Just as the taste of the food differs from person to person, so does stress. We all go through stress during our lifetime, some are short-lived and others go on for a long period of time which provides a very fatal outcome. If you...

Can I travel with my dog in Nepal?

Originally asked on Quora to me Can I travel with my dog in Nepal? It’s a lot of Yes and No on travelling with dog in Nepal. At times it is not difficult and at times it is very stressful. While travelling we need to commute meaning we either take a public transport or we...

Massacre of the Innocents

We all get bored easily if we have the same monotonous routine every day. Some of us get used to it and get over it meaning they are o.k in their comfort zone whereas some of us want to break the chain and want something extra than the regular task. That’s where the term arts comes to...

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