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Welcome to motivationalnepal, a unique site about tits and bits of everything that life hits you.

Love, hate, greed, loyalty, inspirations, thoughts, anxiety, depression, etc are some of the topics covered within. Please do remember all of the articles within are of pure self-thoughts and experiences, actual reference can be taken from the professionals.


I have lived all my life in the capital city of Nepal apart from 14 years abroad. When I was a child, I could hardly hear the sirens. Even in the distance if there was a call of the siren the dogs used to howl and I reckon not everyone likes the sound of Siren....

Top Trending Dog Breeds of 2021

Trending Dog Breeds of 2021: Below I have compiled some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Since the statics to get the data of Nepal on this subject matter is quite difficult we can just analysis it comparatively use it as a reference. 1# Labrador Retriever: This breed has been on the...

Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Controlled in Nepal

Warning: In the following article by no means, I am writing as an expert on the subject. For accurate information on this subject please contact the proper authorities. Most of you must have seen the mini-series based on real events – Banged up abroad and Locked up abroad which are telecasted on National Geographic and...

Border Collie

The Breed If you are looking for a workaholic dog then this sums up everything. It was actually bred in the hills of the Scottish and Welsh border. This dog was developed in the 1970s and it had received much recognition. This is an Einstein among the dogs. They are obedient, good at agility, excellent...

R.H.T Fashion & Handicraft

What is it about? R.H.T Fashion and Handicraft is a retail store that sells t-shirts, polo t-shirts, half pants, full trousers and variety of long sleeves tops and different types of hemp bags. I am writing this not as if I am reviewing it but I have used the product of the store itself. For...


WHAT IS LUDUS Ancient Greeks were introducing many forms of art in the modern world. If I start naming them the list goes on and on from music to philosophy. They were considered one of the most civilised cultures during the modern world. They even had categorized love into Six different types. If I go...

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