Bitter Sweet Symphony


This song the opening chores hold a sacred place in my heart and soul.Drug abuse can be destructive but no doubt that they can create such a beauty and adversity in this unpredictable place.This band has created some of the beautiful tracks and I believe their contribution in will remain in the history of indie music.

Although there are a dispute and even the court case filed against the verve by The Rolling Stones claiming that they have stolen the verse from their 1965 album. I believe the case is over and is in favor of the verve. By the way Rolling Stones should be ashamed by doing so, I believe. It was nuts, music is all about composition and inspiration can take many forms. I am sure if you compare the old version which Mike Jagger and Keith Richards composed and the verve version..the favor goes for The Verve.

Lord I can change..cause it’s a bitter sweet symphony ..that’s life.