Crocodile a spirit animal

 Thousands of years ago, armors for warriors were designed using crocodile skins. When soldiers wore them, they took on the spirit of toughness and trusted their primal instincts making them go deeper for answers. The symbol also forces them to know themselves, to find their inner powers, and to understand that life and dreams do not reside outside but within oneself.

Crocodile a spirit animal

What we think of crocodile is a fearsome creature lurking under the water’s surface, waiting to strike and harm you or even kill you. But there are other things in crocodile that meets the eye.In many cultures, the crocodile is seen as a wise and spiritual creature with unique insight into life. The spirit of crocodile is often used as a guide or totem (animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem) in their rituals and ceremonies.

What does the crocodile symbolize?

Rebirth and Renewel:

The crocodile is often seen as a creature of rebirth and renewal, because they have the abilty to shed their skin, called a molt. These molting rituals can be very violent, and during that time it suffers some serious injuries. However, after shedding its skin, the crocodile emerges with the new skin and the stronger immune system. In this way, the animal symbolizes transformation and rebirth, in which old habits and beliefs are shed to make way for a new ones. Also, crocodile life span reaches up to 100 years, so they are often associated with longevity and wisdom

Intelligence and Ambiton:

Crocodiles are intelligent animals who uses their minds for hunting and surviving. They mostly ambush predators who hide underwater, waiting for the potential prey to come close enough for them to strike. Upon capturing the prey, they will take it back to an underwater den or lair. They will consume what is needed and the store what is left in a pile of leaves and mud called midden. The crocodile’s ability to plan means that they can hunt successfully without depleting his energy stores or endangering his life unnecessarily making him symbolic of ambition and resourcefulness.

These animals are called “secondarily aquatic” because although their ancestors lived on land for hundreds of millions of years, they all originally descended from aquatic animals

Gentleness and Compassion:

Crocodiles are not particularly aggressive animals and will avoid any type of conforntation whenever possible. Instead, they prefer to escape danger by swimming away or submerging themselves in the water. They are also very protective of their young and fiercely defend them from predators. In, this way they are seen as symbols of gentleness and compassion.

Ever heard the term ‘crocodile tears’? There’s an age-old myth that crocodiles cry when devouring their prey. And while technically crocodiles have glands that can produce tears, it’s not actually considered crying. Whilst eating, the crocodile swallows too much air which impacts with the lachrymal gland and forces tears to flow. 

Protection and Self Preservation:

Crocodiles are excellent swimmers and can easily move through the water. Their body is structured in such way that they can fly underwater steering themselves through the water. This allows them to protect themselves from potential predators by swimming away quickly and hide underwater where they cannot be reached.

Self Awareness and Self Control:

Crocodiles can remain completely motionless and silent while waiting for their prey to come within striking distance of their mouths. This is a clear indication of self awareness as it shows that the crocodiles know when to strike and when to hold back to conserve energy or be patient to get the best possible outcome.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Crocodiles can adapt and thrive in many different enviorments, from shalllow rivers and lakes where they can bask on the banks with little effort to deep rivers with strong currents. Crocodiles can also survive on land for short periods if necessary by lying out in the sun or going into areas where there is plenty of food available for them to eat.

Intelligence and Cunning:

Crocodiles are known for being extremely intelligent creatures with a great deal of cunning intelligence, which has enabled them to survive in the wild and become one of the most successful species on earth. They are also excellent hunters because of their capability to use both intelligence and cunning strategy when approaching the prey, catch it all without being detected.

Speed and Agility:

Crocodiles are fast creatures who can move quickly on water and even on land. They are so agile creatures who jump very high out of the water, climb trees, and even run quickly on land


Crocodiles are intuitive creatures who are skilled in hunting. They can track down their prey, attack them, and kill them with their large jaws and teeth.


The crocodile is an extremely powerful animal that possesses great wisdom and insight. They are often associated with the journey of transformation. This refers t the going through a significant change in one’s life, usually a negative change. It can also refer to going through great stress and pressure. The journey of transformation may result from experiencing a sudden life changing event or experiencing period of stress and anxiety.

This journey involves a period of darkness, suffering and difficulty. However, the outcome is said to be positive and enriching. Transformation can be depicted as a river which is always moving and changing, also it is an extremely powerful force that can cut path. When these symbols are applied to the crocodile, it indicates that the crocodile can easily adapt to its environment. It can also make swift and sudden movements to catch its prey.

The crocodile is a symbol of transformation as it can go from a slow and stagnant form of movement to a sudden burst of speed and accuracy. This sudden motion represents how people can suddenly change the course of their lives.The crocodile totem symbolizes authority, fierceness and the water element’s power. It represents protection, confidence and sovereignty over your territory.

Seeing a crocodile in your dreams indicates that you are experiencing a period of growth and transformation. You are also dealing with some feelings of anger, frustration and loss.

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