Fame or Failure

This picture was posted in the New York Post in the year 2012. It was in its front page and has gathered a lot of attention from most of the readers. It’s been nearly eight years since the release . The photo is so self explanatory that what humans can do to get the fame and to what extent they can go to get it.

The reporter who had shot the photo of this dying man has been explaining to the media and others that he had no way of saving him and he did flash the light to the attention of the driver. Even that was surely not enough to stop the speeding train from hitting the fallen man. Later the sources reveled that the man was pushed to the track and he was desperately trying to get off the track. Seeing such thing surely the person who was taking the picture could have done something more than just flashing the light.He could have shouted and altered someone, maybe someone would have dragged him out of that situation.

The question that keeps hitting me is what would you have done instead? Would you take out your camera, take the time to fix the frame or lens and take the position to shoot the picture of the dying person. What has become of the humanity, on top of that the camera man takes the pride of publishing the photo which would be the disgrace to the dying person’s family members. Is this the right moral code? Seriously what would you do to save someone, a another human just dying in front of you. We have noticed even dogs jumping in the water to save the drowning owner. We are humans, what is more important to us- a fame of the few moments or the life of some other person.

Personally, I have faced this myself here in the capital city of Nepal. I was in the case of hit and run and was just lying in the middle of the road. I clearly remember the day, it was raining and it was around 11 p.m , I was just returning from the work.I was left in the middle of the road after the hit, any moment another car could have crushed me without any hesitation. I have witnessed people passing by and looking at my face, they must have thought I was dead or was dying. I don’t blame them some might have even thought I was badly drunk, still it took around 10 min for a man to come and drag me off the road.Fortunately the hospital was That day I had realized what humanity has become and how much polluted we are.

Still, there are lots of people who would sacrifice themselves to save others. We have become so obsessed with fortune and fame that we no longer want to linger for others.A good samaritan are mostly blessed by the people who they have helped and that blessing is far more worth than the money or fame for their lifetime. I just wish that we just don’t turn in to devils and start becoming enemy of each other than embracing each other. This is the time of the dark days and like any other dark days sooner or later it will pass out.

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