Why do some people feel sad during gloomy rainy days?

rain and rain and more rain

There are some people among us who feel sad during the gloomy rainy days, and there is a science behind it.

When it rains, some of us enjoy the moment. Here I am talking about the non-stop pouring rain for more than 5-6 hours. It is a nice feeling for some like getting tucked in the sofa and watching your favorite television series or a movie. Some prefer to get soaked in the rain the get that feeling of getting cleaned off not only physically but spiritually as well. For some of us the sound of the pouring rain the best to get a deep sound sleep.

But not all of us have that moment of romance during the rain fall. Surprisingly there are many of us who feel depressed and sad during the rain fall. This happens without any reason, so is it the rain to blame for it?This has baffled scientists for a long time and after years of research they have come to a conclusion

Many people have seasonal changes of mood mostly during winter.My assumption is based on the book by Andrew Solomon. If you happen to feel sad during gloomy rainy days, you might be suffering from so-called SAD( seasonal affective disorder)

Norman Rosenthal, who discovered SAD says that human beings were made to respond to seasonal variations, as of you gloomy rainy days usually produces shorter days and less light. This effect the secretion of melatonin and other neurotransmitters.

Light stimulates the hypothalamus, where many systems such as sleeping, eating, temperatures, and sex drive are based. , as these degrades so does the mechanism of depression upgrades. This might be the reason for such a feeling that you are getting.

Light also influences the synthesis of serotonin in our retina. this might also give me a clue that you are extremely low on Vitamin D, result from working indoors and night shifts are some of the reasons, apart from the gloomy rainy days.

But, as always there is always a solution. please do not embark on my writings before making sure the cause of your problem by someone well qualified.All I heard was many famous paintings and classical compositions were illustrated as well composed during rainy, gloomy days.

painting by Australian painter Dusan Malobabic

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