Hollywood Movies Based on True Story

Fact is always stranger than fiction-these words were are and still hard to swallow to me personally. I think how come the imagination of a human being which is infinite in somehow can be below the actual happenings.

Hollywood is a big-budget industry, and they have captivated the whole globe cause of their production and the output of entertainment. Many of the big or small budget production enter the top list and many even remain dusted with no names remembered. It has been often said that Bollywood, which is Indian Flim Industry produces more movies than the Hollywood but eventually, it comes to the quality of the production, from lighting to the exact moment of timing of speech. Below I have compiled some of the movies that are based in real life. Either they are taken from the account of the real-life or they are based in a true story. Exact duplication is not possible, hence directors often twist and turn some of the scenes to fit in the movie.

1) Bohemian Rhapsody

2) Hidden Figures

3) Lion

4) Hacksaw Ridge

5) The Big Short

6) Spotlight

7) Bridge of Spies

8) Selma

9) The Imitation Game

10) American Sniper

11) Dallas Buyers Club

12) 12 years a Slave

13) The Wolf of Wall Street

14) Captain Phillips

15) Rush

16) Philomena

17) The Social Network

18) The King’s Speech

Now, it’s hard to pick the favourite among these all. Almost all of them has been brilliantly directed, choreographed and have top-notch actors. Many have grabbed academy awards and most importantly people have accepted them in the heart. Some films are made to last a day or night of watching and some make a lasting impression for days and even years.

But, the most important things to remember is, all of these movies were and are




These movies or as I prefer to call them catalog of past events, they are not only designed for entertainment. We can learn a lot from them, from the mistakes that we have done in the past to admiring those brilliant minds and brave souls who had to sacrifice a lot to do what they were told to do. Things no matter how difficult it is and will tend to become, it can be faced with our bravery and selfless love towards the whole humanity which includes our family. We may not be big politicians or people holding big powers in hand, still, we are citizens of a certain country and holding earth as our home. So, a small deed can pave a way for a big forest.

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