Since years the work guard dog links to the Doberman.They have an excellent hearing skill and can recognize a pin drop.Although , they have a reputation of being aggresive and vicious guardians with proper training and handling they can be a family pet dog as well.Their price starts from Rs. 18000 in Nepal



Although by looks they are quite huge and look aggressive, but their temperament can be quite deceiving.They are mostly used as guard dogs and are very powerful and renowned for their endurance.I have come across these few in Nepal, and they act as an excellent guards.Their price in Nepal starts above Rs.40,000.



There are two types of these breeds namely Siberian and Alaskan.Though Alaskan breed is not a registered breed. Their wolf like structure and blue eyes are their trademark.

These breeds are imported from abroad and sold in Nepal in hefty price. These breeds are strictly working dogs and are not suitable inside a house, chained up or with very little or no exercise at all.