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What is it about?

R.H.T Fashion and Handicraft is a retail store that sells t-shirts, polo t-shirts, half pants, full trousers and variety of long sleeves tops and different types of hemp bags. I am writing this not as if I am reviewing it but I have used the product of the store itself.

For those who might think about what qualification I hold to review the product. I have worked in International Brand called h&m or Hennes and marutiz for around 4 years. Hence, my speciality is Retail and I can smell the products like a dog.


the location

The store is a bit inside, the road that goes towards Thamel from Gonagabu before the B.G. Mall. You just need to follow the road inside until you reach NIC bank, then turn left and just look around on the after one or two stores you will find the store. I know it’s a bit complicated to reach there but trust me the products are worth it.

The Products

According to the owner, 80% of the cotton comes from Lalitpur and their production house is in Gongubu itself. I had to travel to Delhi for some work and I knew it would be very hot and humid over there. I needed something lighter and pure cotton. I needed it not for the purpose of fashion but for practicality. First, as an experiment, I took three basics, all simple tees. I tried it and the cotton was so fine and the tees don’t stick in your body.

Although, the products are not that technology as the dri-fit of Nike or Clima-cool of Addidas according to the budget and the product which is proudly made in Nepal I loved it. The fit is good, the colour options are great and they are not that it will disappoint a buyer.

Other options

The above design, colour and print might look like for Hippies. But according to the owners, these are also bought and used by Nepali customers. The best thing about all this is it is Made In Nepal and the quality is up to international standards. Instead of importing these basics this like cloths if we invest in our own economy and produce such quality products then the country starts growing. It’s not about who is getting rich and opening up stores it’s about the country getting the whole system right. I like this brand and I am proud to say that they have products with strict quality control.

Love affair with the brand


This waistcoat is a mixture of cotton and hemp.

According to them, currently, they have around

80 types of T-shirt

30 types of polo

30 types of half pant

30 types of full trousers

25 types of long sleeves

Soon they will have a winter collection, on top of that they do have a ladies collection as well.

The price is average as it should be.https://996co.com/npl/company/255570

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