Why is master chef not held in Nepal?

Master-chef originally started in U.K in 1990, since then after it’s popularity it became a franchise and has been in 40 countries. In SAARC country, in has been in production is two namely India and Pakistan. Master chef Australia is among the most watched and has many seasons in it.

Whenever you are taking a franchise the cost of acquiring is high and on top of that the show has to mirror the original Master Chef. If you have watched the Master Chef Australia or U.S., it very noticeable the standards they have kept in the show. The materials from raw to cooked, the stage, the judges are all top notch and there are hardly any errors in it. Also, do remember that when filming the reality show it is a strain on the cameraman and director, there are no second takes and very less of editing.

Overall, since it is a big budget production done in simple thing as cooking it is a costly venture and is difficult to get it done in Nepal. Our target audience is small and people are mostly focused in entertainment and politics. The return for investment in Master Chef if produced in Nepal will likely be low,this might be the main reason why it is not held in Nepal.

are these resources enough to hold Masterchef in Nepal

I do not have any doubt that, there are many talented individuals in Nepal as culinary expert. Unfortunately these talents remain hidden in the shadows. Master chef is all about techniques and taste, regardless where the dish comes from.I only wish that Nepalese media do not copy the same concept here as they are very good in it and reproduce Kasterchef, Nepal.

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