Why presidents don’t walk?

There is a reason why good chefs taste the food before serving to the customers.They want to make sure that the customers get the best.

This morning as I was coming to work, as I have to pass the president’s palace -SHEETAL NIWAS. The traffic police were diverting the vehicles towards the other way and there were police officers stationed every 100 meters or so. On my ride, I couldn’t help thinking what is so special about the president’s ride that they could not walk or ride just as public do.

In the end they were elected by the people for the people.We Revolutionized against the monarchy because we thought they were just sitting in the throne, inside the palace, served in silver platter and hardly had any information to what was going to the public people. Things changed after Nepal became Democratic Republic of Nepal from Kingdom of Nepal. But this did not change the way they had governed. We can still see, presidents, prime ministers and other high ranking officials in luxury cars. There are certain degree of blockage depending to who is coming. For example , if the president came out of her cave the routes needed to be clear. For prime minister there are escorts in front and behind, so they don’t get stuck in the traffic.

This made me think, are they so busy that they cannot spare a bit of time getting stuck in the traffic. I bet you if you pick up these people and put them 3 km far from their palace, they will get lost. They will not know the way back cause they never have been there.Or, even if they have been the pampering of the state made them erase the memory.Most of the politicians who enjoy the seats of Prado and Pajero nowadays, came from humble families. Yes, no doubt they did struggle in the beginning but why they forget where they come from and their purpose upon reaching the destination.

Late King Birendra walking towards Thamel.

Is it a show that roads needed to clear for them?Or does it has a purpose?Are they so busy that they don’t have a bit of spare time to walk?Or are they medically unfit to walk?

I haven’t been in that position and I am not able to answer many of the questions, but I dare these people just to walk. Walking around their town or country if they can creates awareness. Most importantly they get to meet the people.May be there there security protocols, if so are they so afraid of dying that they can’t take a risk of getting to know their purpose.Maybe our president hasn’t read her job description very well.

If the reason of them being medically unfit to walk, then they shouldn’t be there.They can retire and be on pension. Our country already has lots of challenges.Geographically, there are places so hard to reach. But that doesn’t mean the are no settlements over there. How can these people whose whole purpose is to serve the people, know things if they don’t hear first hand from the people. Do they only rely on the news that they have been fed by their ministers? Why don’t they walk? Why don’t they double check if the schools have been built ? Why don’t they walk to know if the roads are being built according to the plan?

There are many great examples of leaders who surprise the people by mingling with them. They take these risks, the reward is much higher. I am sure the locals love to meet them and get engaged with them.This not only removes the barrier , they get much more respect. People will follow the leaders who are fit to be leader. And leaders often engage with the people, not hide in the Mercedes with the bullet proof glass.

Belguim’s King Philipe and Queen Mathilde riding Bicycles in the public.
Prince Charles Hiking to places in Nepal I am sure our President haven’t been to

So, please a humble request to our President Please Walk.

One thought on “Why presidents don’t walk?

  1. Hei Mr.Suraj. That’s really good thought and Findings you have comes up with..

    Now I would like to add few more thoughts with it that the presidents Apparently has got many protocols to follow… Many Security Factors are involved in it which they have to carry out….. But at the same time your are absolutely true that these Presidents should manage their Routine to get along with the people and Engage themselves on some social activities by their Own Hand…

    They Should walk on the Road and Face the Real Obstacles which Normal Public do… Probably this can be a mode of mingling and at the same time their job by Observation and surveying…..

    So Yes leaving their Mercedes SOMETIMES by setting a Routine Is No Harm to Country I Believe.


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