Top 5 e-Learning Apps in Nepal


Do you also feel that your child’s school education is not enough for him/her to excel in the exams and near future? Are you searching for a way to engage your child in more productive classes rather than the monotonous tuition classes organized by the schools? Say no more, because we have got you covered and listed the Top 5 E-learning apps in Nepal to help parents and students succeed in the competitive exams. So, sign up in one of these e-learning apps, and see the difference in the way your child learns things onwards.

For a small and developing country like Nepal, face to face learning/ traditional classroom learning was the best possible option to get education until we all were locked in our houses because of the Pandemic. As soon as this happened, almost every educational institution switched to digital learning and carried out online classes through different online meeting platforms. However, little did they know that these classes were not adequate for the students. In the meantime, when the online meeting platforms were giving a hard time to the students, many online learning platforms came forward and offered a lot more than what they could have learned at school or via online classes. With the online lectures, interactive sessions, and videos, students easily understood the concept and loved the online classes with all their heart.

Advantages of Online learning (e-learning)

  • Get access to online courses at any time you please
  • Affordable fees
  • Effective interaction with tutor
  • Can repeat the same topic repeatedly until you understand it completely
  • Get freedom from pressure oriented learning of schools
  • Makes you more active, self-disciplined and responsible
  • Get education from your comfort at home

Top 5 e-learning Apps in Nepal

1) Neemacademy


Established in the year 2018, Neema Education Foundation is one of the edtech startups in Nepal. The foundation was built with an aim to change the future of learning through digital media by a qualified team having more than 30 years of experience in the field of education and more than a decade of experience in the field of technology.

The team of Neema Education Foundation has been working effectively to digitize the education system in Nepal through the e-learning platform, the Neemacademy. The academy offers on-demand videos, textual content, 3D and animation-based contents, game-based learning, quizzes and many other contents to the students as mapped by the Curriculum development center of Nepal. Their key features like study plan, note book and exam preparation allows students to properly plan their study and time without any hassle for students studying in class I to XI.

Since, the it has grabbed top 3 positions in two of the global competitions like She Loves Tech Nepal 2019 and Seedstars World, that’s why Neemacademy tops our List as Best e-Learning App in Nepal. So, register your children to grab free interactive and interesting classes now.

2) Kullabs


Kullabs is another digital learning platform dedicated to create a fusion between education and technology. Established with an aim to create a digital platform for both teachers and students, the Kullabs motivates creativity and free source of knowledge.

The platform provides study materials for students from grade 6 to 12 and includes major subjects like science, journalism, travel and tourism, sociology and many more. Apart from this, they also offer courses for teacher training, electrical engineering, general knowledge, IQ and many other similar courses for students willing to enhance their knowledge.

3) Smatter App

Smatter App

Established with a mission to provide knowledge, skills and tools necessary for an individual to perform to their maximum potentials, Smatter is a unique e-learning platform in Nepal. They believe in building result-oriented strategies and hence, work accordingly to refine student’s skills to obtain the greatest outcome from the learning.

Smatter App allow the students to select from four different topics that is, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. The individual topics are sub-divided so that the students can learn everything with an ease. The background animation and the quiz at the last of each topic makes the class of smatter even more interesting and effective.

4) Deer Walk Learning Center

Deer Walk Learning Center

The non-profit organization, Deer Walk Learning was founded with an aim to address the gap in the education system in Nepal. The team of DLC is focused on developing and delivering video lectures and tutorial for students studying in grade IV to XII. Their main focus is on the students of public schools, who have access to the internet but not to teachers.

One can easily explore over 30+ subjects through 2000+ videos from their official website or through the mobile apps.

5) E-Pustakalaya


E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused digital library that went live in the year 2009. The Pustakalaya was started with an aim to improve children’s learning skills and to enhance a reading culture among the students by providing them age-appropriate materials. Hence, the E-Pustakalaya has full-text documents, books, images, videos, and audio files to motivate teachers, parents and students to be benefitted from different educational materials available in the app/web related to agriculture, technology, health and environment.

Unlike the above-mentioned other online learning platform, E-Pustakalaya allows the students to explore according to their desire rather than just the school course. And not to forget, you can get access to all these materials for free.


Although the term online learning is very new in the context of Nepal, we cannot deny the fact that it can do wonders to students who are willing to study at their own pace or to students who want to sharpen their knowledge. So don’t hesitate and sign up for the online courses now as most of the above-mentioned courses are free and are very effective.

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