What are the 10 things that we cannot do in Nepal?

Below I have compiled, some of the things that we cannot do in Nepal.

1. Nepal has been declared a republic and it has shifted from being the only Hindu country in the world. Still, the slaughter of the cows or selling beef meat is not allowed in Nepal.I am not quite sure about the punishment from the law but it tends to be quite strict in this matter.

2. Prostitution is illegal in Nepal. There are no red-light districts or licensed prostitutes. The law is not flexible in this matter. Girls do sell sex under the table and it is like a naked secret.

3. Unlike Amsterdam, where there are certain mind altering drugs sold,Nepal does not tolerate drug abuse. In other words Drugs are not allowed in Nepal,there are huge number of drug addicts in Nepal and Rehabs has flourished like wild mushrooms but the law is quite strict in this matter whether you are foreigner or national.

4. Whether you are tourist or local, walking in the streets with topless for men and bikini for women are not entertained. Maybe, you will not be shouted at but definitely you will be frowned upon.

5. When i asked a British national about drinking water, he answered they drink straight from the tap.This is not to be done in Nepal, maybe you wont’ die of the bacteria but chances of getting sick is very high. Even the locals nowadays buy bottled water to drink. Maybe, this is not applicable in the villages or remote area, where the water is untouched and pure still i do not encourage drinking straight from the source.

6. Similar to the Japanese culture, whenever you are entering a residence or a house you have to remove the shoes/footwear outside the main door. You are not given a welcome effect when you enter a house with your shoes still on.

7. Unlike Americas or Europe, you cannot go and pick up your girlfriend from her house. Forget about staying overnight at the girls house.This is not allowed in Nepal.

8. Being unmarried and going to the hotel to sleep or have sex as a couple is not allowed in Nepal. Now days, people tend to break this culture and even the hotels do not question the nature of the couples still, legally it is not allowed in Nepal. In the other words sex before marriage is not considered right in Nepal.

9. French kiss and even passionate kisses are considered quite normal in western culture.This is not allowed in Nepal.Maybe there wont’ be any legal battle waving at you. This things are best kept for private.

10. Sex toys shop have been a quite a successful business in Nepal. Still people do feel uncomfortable entering the sex shop and shop there. That is why they have a discreet purchase and delivery system. Talking openly about sex and porn are not allowed in Nepal. You can hardly find someone asking for a date or one night stand when you meet a person for the first time. This is not encouraged in Nepal.

11. Urinating in public is not allowed in Nepal, but when nature calls you can see this sight of someone watering the ground with his rod. Women in Nepal hold to their limit until they find safe ground but for men, the open ground is more than enough to pee.

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