Diamond, a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known; it is also the most popular gemstone. Because of their extreme hardness, diamonds have a number of important industrial applications. History suggests that diamond has been extremely liked both by royals and ordinary people alike. Due to its rarity, it is very expensive in nature. This is what we have been told but does any of this contains any truth to it. Maybe not.

Let us rewind a bit about the so-called diamond. Before the 1930’s diamond ring or diamond products were not that of great value as of now.It’s main market was the United States as it was a great new major market for every product at that time. If you look at the history ,1929 was the time when the so-called great depression started. People had very few rations available, so who would think about purchasing a diamond. One company had a whole new different plan, this company was called De Beers which was founded in 1888 in South Africa.

The great depression was going to end in 1939. De Beers knew this forehand and in 1938 they landed the massive advertisement campaign for the diamonds.All they had to do was to sell some idea, some say it was the ad campaign of the century. De Beers were going to be the diamond cartel in the coming years. De Beers sold the idea to the public saying -” the only way the real men show their love is by this expensive crystallized carbon which was called diamond ” and the people bought the idea. This must be the most successful ad campaign up to date.On top of that people thought, since they were paying so much for the diamond, everyone thought that it must have a substantial resell value. But in fact, it isn’t. Diamonds are quite common, but since the De Beers have the global monopoly on diamond mining they played as if the cards were on their table. They would artificially restrict the supply just to spike the prices up. The reality is De Beers had and they still do have a grip on an unimaginable amount of diamonds in their control, which means the diamond you just blew the money on has no resell value. That’s why De Beers wants you to think- A diamond is forever.

a diamond is forever

Reselling your Diamond

 If you have never tried to sell your diamonds you will never know how badly you have been ripped off. A century of advertising got us embedded the idea that diamonds are worth a lot. But, the sad irony is even after you know the fact you still are prepared to buy a diamond embedded engagement ring. You are willing to trade off your cash just for the sake of getting that girl or making her happy. It’s a serious trade-off. Better you invest in the gold or silver which has a real resell value and is on an incline.

Anyway if you do not mind throwing off some hard-earned cash on some crystal then make sure it has the higher clarity and carat, the higher these two you will have a higher chance of selling it.Apart from that normally there are 4 c of a diamond that makes it worth a bit. These are cut clarity, color, and carat.If you want to know the worth of your diamond is and you have proper documentation you can try it online. There are many sites available, just do some random research to get some idea of what you are dealing you. I head to, as it shows you retail, online, wholesale e.t.c prices all at once. The downside is it only shows on U.S. Dollars.

The link for diamond karma is

sample bill of the diamond

Man Made Diamonds:

Maybe not all know that there are man-made diamonds also and it is known as lab diamond. Also, it is not fake but a real thing. The only difference is it is not dug or cracked open between the rocks but these are created in the laboratory. Advancements in technology have enabled us to create that. It has the same identical properties as mined diamonds. They are composed of the same material, they require the same cutting and polishing process. They too exhibit similar physical/chemical properties as diamonds mined in the earth.
I can guarantee you that unless they are tested on special equipment like spectrometers and x-ray it is hard to distinguish them. I am telling you this because I bought one of these and the seller also had no idea about what he was selling. Hence, it is advisable that you pay a bit premium price but make sure that you buy from a reputed organization.

diamond comparison chart

The consumer will have 2 major benefits on lab diamonds:

  • They leave minimal ecological footprints in the environment. Meaning they do not harm nature.
  • They are less expensive than the other ones.
  • They guarantee a conflict-free (just watch blood diamond) jewellery stone.

The downside is:

  • They have nearly NO resell value and the secondary market for them is NON-EXISTENT.
  • They are smaller than natural diamonds.
  • They have mediocre standards.

Zodiac signs:

<img src=”image.png” alt=”diamond”>

Some of us wear jewelry according to astrological signs. Below is a brief recap.
-Scorpios, Pisces and Aries should not wear diamonds. It will create disharmony in the wearer’s life.
-If you are Libra or Virgo you can wear it. It will enhance and bestow prosperity and good luck.
-Capricorn and Aquarius can wear diamonds but only with blue sapphires, as long as these stones are set on Platinium.
-Sagittaries can also wear, but only if Venus is in the Ascendant position as per astrological charts.

The rest of the signs can wear it or not depends upon Venus, according to the astrological team. Diamond is a precious stone and it can have negative or positive effects on the wearer depending upon belief and zodiac signs.

End Note:

  • The real-time example for a diamond is for example you buy the diamond now, just head out of the store and just turn and come back for a refund or exchange. Till then the product has already lost up to 50% of its value. It is one of the world’s most highly depreciating items.
  • Diamonds are rare are just a myth. It is one of the most popular mined gemstones.
  • Diamonds is forever is just a masterful copy created by N.W.Ayer & Sons ad agency. Diamonds decay although they are the hardest stones. They become discolored, they chip and some will even shatter.
  • In 1999 ” DIAMOND IS FOREVER” was named slogan of the century by the advertising age.
  • De Beers holding still maintains a monopoly over diamond production and sales.
  • Diamonds do not hold any real value in the future. It is nothing more than a marketing trick.
  • Diamond is one of the major causes of horrible acts of crime in Africa. A world would be a better place without it.
  • It is a major tool to win over the heart of any conflict between the man and woman.
  • The below image is of King Mswati III of Eswatini earlier known as Swaziland and manages 15 wives. He is much famous for his 47mm Jacob and Co diamond in 18k white gold. This is also known as Grand Baguette Diamond. It is limited to 6 pieces worldwide and the last known price of it was $1,000,000.00 USD.
Grand Baguette Diamond

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